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When Government Census people and other town officials inquire about my occupation for their data gathering I reply Craftsman. I can't in good faith refer to myself as a luthier because there's a distinction between my work day and our colleagues in the trade of lutherie.

With that statement out in the open I'll back down and humbly accept the title of Luthier as it's occasionally applied always keen to the fact that I'm still just a Craftsman. My professional endeavors are the repair and restoration of Acoustic Guitars, narrowed even further to the makes of C.F. Martin, Taylor and Collings instruments. I operate my shop in the Historic Downtown section of Exeter, NH. I have been an ASIA member since 1993. When I'm not working on guitars, I'm reading about working on guitars.

Old guitars find new life here at the shop. When I'm finished with them, my goal is that they should sound as good as that day long ago when some master guitar builder declared them done. I've have been working on guitars for over 30 years.

Pat at 13 I started playing the guitar when I was 13, but it seemed that when I started putting my hands on guitars, prying them apart and putting them back together, that is what I really wanted to do. I'm more interested in having my hands on them with tools, rather than a guitar pick.

Guitars are built to appeal to the ear, but for myself, the relationship is much more physical, more tactile, even olfactory. The older the guitar, the greater my satisfaction. When they come in, I really enjoy getting into it, smelling the dust, putting my nose in the sound hole, taking it all in, looking at the joinery, at the way the braces were carved.

pat working My heroes are the guitar makers of the 1800’s who took mahogany, rosewood and spruce and assembled them with enormous care. I look at all of these guitars that I’m working on, unless they meet some catastrophic damage, they’re going to outlive me. My work is going to be, if it’s good work, to keep the guitar in good working order so the guitar will continue to play well. That’s all I really care about.



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